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       We, as St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Parish, recognize that we are the Body of Christ. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we strive to            serve others through Christian Service, Prayer and Worship, Education and Evangelization. We keep within our hearts and minds the                                    statement of faith and conviction of our patron St. Thomas the Apostle, "My Lord and my God".

​      Thomas the Apostle Parish     

31530 BEECHWOOD, GARDEN CITY  MI  48135  734 427 1533

SEPTEMBER 13-14-15.

My Dear Friends,
I was overwhelmed this weekend with your thousands of hugs, kisses, prayers, good wishes for me, family, and next appointment.  I am very grateful for your love, generosity, support, and solidarity.  The last time I felt the way I did this Sunday was my ordination day.  I have started reading the many cards and gifts you gave me and tears keep running down my eyes wondering who the cards refers to and to realize it’s me bring chills to my body.  Thanks to Cindy and the organizers of my sendoff reception.  God bless you all, keep marching forward-no turning back!
Wishing you God’s blessing!  
Fr. Simeon

Farewell Fr. Simeon

Rev. Simeon T. Iber, PhD.

our Pastor, our mentor, our friend indeed.

He was born in Nigeria but came to our land,

To teach us, help us, and when needed, hold our hand.

At first it was challenging  with that accent of his,

So, we listened, we learned, and fell in love with this bliss! Every sermon from the pulpit or conversation at hand,

He brought us together with the Gospel in command.

His faith and humility were an example to follow,

We joyfully accepted as this was easy to swallow.

He was scheduled to be our Pastor for at least six years, Now someplace else needs him and we are left with tears. The Festival won’t be the same without his help and laughter,

But maybe he will return in the next year or after?

We are thankful for the years we have spent with him,

But now we must allow him to go without any grim.

So, farewell to Fr. Simeon our amazing Pastor!

We’ll miss you, pray for you, and love you ever after!

Amen! With Love and Appreciation!

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